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About us

Yay! Brand and Design Agency AB produces strategies and conceptual solutions
for a wide range of national and international brands. 

We help our clients to position and create successful brands.

Yay! Brand and Design Agency AB was founded by Kikki Högberg 2011.
Kikki has an extensive experience as a designer, brand strategist and creative director in the advertising world. 


02 Westers Brand strategy

One of the company’s business, catering, was deeply rooted in both the history of the company and the customers for 18 years, our challenge was to highlight the company’s two other businesses, events and event facilities.


We started with a solid process work with owners and management. Developing a well-established brand platform which itself was an intense process. Taking out the brand platform, new logo, corporate identity, website, brochures, pictures, clothes, signs, striping of automobiles and much, much more.


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