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About us

Yay! Brand and Design Agency AB produces strategies and conceptual solutions
for a wide range of national and international brands. 

We help our clients to position and create successful brands.

Yay! Brand and Design Agency AB was founded by Kikki Högberg 2011.
Kikki has an extensive experience as a designer, brand strategist and creative director in the advertising world. 


03 Reaxcer Brand strategy

A new name was decided by the Board when we were asked to make a strategic platform and brand positioning and conceptual solution for the company.

Reaxcer is a company focusing on logistics in the forest industry, environmental services, transportation and mechanical services and building maintenance.

The challenge was to reposition a company that has its foundation and anchoring the truckcenter in more than 60 years and move it to the 2000s.

By repositioning the company moved from a traditional carrier to become a service that puts people in focus and the vehicles in the background. This was done with a process-orientedbranding, where we worked out vision for the new company and a common core of all business of the company could support.

In addition to training / briefings to the board, management team and staff, we worked, among other things, billboards, radio advertising, web, banners, advertisements and direct mail,promotional clothing, exhibition materials, exhibits, a Brandbook to all employees, a business presentation, give-aways.


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