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Yay! Brand and Design Agency AB produces strategies and conceptual solutions
for a wide range of national and international brands. 

We help our clients to position and create successful brands.

Yay! Brand and Design Agency AB was founded by Kikki Högberg 2011.
Kikki has an extensive experience as a designer, brand strategist and creative director in the advertising world. 


08 Mid Sweden University Conceptual Idea

Within the Mid Sweden Universities framework, advertise and make visible the smallest of the university’s three campuses, Campus Härnösand.

In the campaign, we turn the small into an advantage, an alternative to the major universities. With the help of two small figures “ambassadors” who talk about why one should seek to Campus Härnösand / Mid Sweden University; you will not get lost, there is no waiting time at the restaurant waiting list and lecture halls next to each other.

 The dramaturgy is to dramatize the smallness and speak about close and awaken sympathy with twinkle in the eye. To the speech form and the copy was to further emphasize the small.

 We produced five commercials, outdoor advertising with a custom made miniadshells with large adshells, DR, advertisements, website with a game / challenge and applauded release party.


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