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Yay! Brand and Design Agency AB produces strategies and conceptual solutions
for a wide range of national and international brands. 

We help our clients to position and create successful brands.

Yay! Brand and Design Agency AB was founded by Kikki Högberg 2011.
Kikki has an extensive experience as a designer, brand strategist and creative director in the advertising world. 

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09 Amanda Egilson AB Brand Strategy

Challenge to Prevail

We find that competition in the jewelry industry is large and that Amanda Egilson’s audiences are far from homogeneous, which required a method that allowed the opportunity to talk to each one without necessarily saying the same thing. The idea for the ad concept is therefore based on being able to meet target groups’ different personalities in their own way, using images that builds the same attitude (such as rock or romantic) that the individual jewelry highlighted in each ad.

 We also lacked storytelling in all the advertisements featuring jewelry. That the Amanda Egilson by Hand and Heart’s jewelry contains emotions and relationships made ​​it natural to build excitement and storytelling by allowing the poetic lines meet the strong graphic design.

 The solution leaves simultaneously prevail to the viewer, who can weave their own emotions,and expand people’s thinking about their own messages to carry.



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